Drip Irrigation, San Antonio

Got a problem in drought, water restrictions, and watering the lawn precisely? Enjoy life easier by Drip Irrigation System.

Irrigation is the method of applying regulated quantities of water to plants at the intervals needed. Irrigation helps grow farm crops, protect habitats, and revegetate degraded soils in dry areas and in less than normal rainfall periods. The most effective method of irrigation is the Drip irrigation. Since lower pressures and lower flow per unit area are usually expected, requiring less water and energy. Drip irrigation is a low-pressure lawn and garden watering system that provides water in a number of ways to the home landscapes. It is also referred to as guided or accurate watering, as drip irrigation allows you to target the exact area you want to irrigate to and it addresses the issue of the evaporation of water from the turf surface before it can enter the root system. With this, installing a drip irrigation system guarantees water is uniformly dispersed directly into the soil. Hence, water does not evaporate, as is the case when sprinklers work. 

Drip irrigation systems are easily incorporated with fertigation and automation systems as well. Drip irrigation enables versatility in fertilizer application, as fertilizers can be easily added through fertigation. Since most of us frequently enlist the help of fertilizers into our daily gardening routine in an attempt to preserve healthy plants. Nutrients are often supplied at low concentrations to fulfill the needs of the plants. Roots in the wetted region have been found to increase their water capacity and absorb nutrients. In this way, nutrients are distributed directly to the plants’ active root zone with the irrigation water. 


  1. Simple connection to the hose spigot without having to cut through the water line at home.
  2. Low costs and operation on very low-pressure systems, such as gravity flow drip systems from rain barrels filled by water.
  3. Great water quality, great savings wherein initiating calibrated water drips precisely where they are required to avoid evaporation and runoff, allowing you to reach water efficiency and save significant sums on your water bills.
  4. Precise delivery, preventing water distribution where it’s not needed or where it can promote weed growth
  5. Increase and enhance the root activity of plants, grasses and trees, promoting rapid growth and long life.

However, watering of any kind may be restricted in some areas because drip irrigation systems use less water than sprinkler systems. Indeed, part of a drip irrigation system is its capacity to control the quantity of water provided to plants. Otherwise, water will be diverted in the system, and it’s not productive and it will costs money. Furthermore, drip-emitter controls the distribution of water by accurately calculating water levels. The additional advantage for you is that the water is directed to the source, that means you don’t need to water your lawn or the flowers. 

It takes a lot of blue to stay green. Don’t waste water!