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San Antonio Sod Lawn Installation

The process of San Antonio Sod Lawn Installation is not as complicated as some people may think. If you are looking to install a sod in your backyard, the first thing that you need to do is contact us and will do your sod installation for you.

Then you will need to determine the amount of sod that you need, the type of sod, and tools that you will need for the installation process. Fresh cut grass requires a completely different maintenance schedule than typical seed lawns do. Keep in mind that seed lawns typically grow quickly and can quickly spread throughout an entire lawn. Therefore, follow these sod lawn installation tips to make sure that your new grass takes root quickly and remains in good shape for the entire season:

If you have existing sod lawn installations, the first step in the process of San Antonio Sod Lawn Installation is to remove all weeds from the ground and any rocks that might be on the surface. After this, you will need to choose the correct brand and type of fertilizer. Remember that applying fertilizer too early during the season will cause your new grass to not take root. Follow these sod lawn installation tips to ensure that your new grass grows quickly and stays in great shape for the entire season.

If you have any questions about the installation then be sure to ask as many questions as you can to make sure you understand everything that you are being told. If you feel like the information given to you is unclear or does not make sense then feel free to ask the person who is doing the installation.

Sod At Your Lawn

If you live in areas that are notorious for having damps and wet weather, then having sod is a good idea. This allows you to mow your lawn more often, because there will be less water and more time to water your grass. This is also better for the environment as well, as sod does not leave chemicals or any residue on the ground that will stay there for a long period of time. There are some tips that should be followed when installing sod in your lawn.

San Antonio Sod Care

It is important to have sod placed in the proper location to ensure it remains dry in all seasons. If the soil in your lawn is not dried out, you may find your sod developing problems with root rot and poor sod production. This happens when the roots are unable to absorb the moisture contained in the soil; thus, producing the sod. San Antonio Sod Care also includes making sure the fertilizer and irrigation systems are set up properly, as well as a regular watering schedule. Most importantly, keep your sod away from plants that can suck its water (i.e. deer), such as Everglades, hedges and oaks.

Caring For Your Sod

Whether you are caring for a new lawn or replacing an existing one, sod care is essential in ensuring your new lawn is a healthy environment. In the spring, you should mow the lawn as directed by the manufacturer of your mower. When mowing make sure to mow close to the ground (nearly one foot per foot), this will help your mower stay on track and cut the grass short. Mowing your lawn may be slightly tricky at first but as you get used to cutting the clippings after cutting your lawn, you will learn how to mow more closely without injuring your new lawn or causing unwanted scarring.

When mowing make sure you mow in the direction of the grain, this helps cut back on the amount of grass you cut down. If you notice your mower is no longer operating correctly, it is recommended you try to have it mowed by someone else. If you are unsure, call for service. Keep an eye out for clippings, these are natural substances that are created from the inside of your grass blades, they will collect in your mowing machine and look like sawdust. If you don’t remove these clippings when mowing make sure to take care not to damage your machine by accidentally mowing in the wrong direction.

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