Who We Are

Founded in 1980 with the vision of providing high-quality sprinkler and irrigation systems services, we are an industry leader in the installation, repair, and maintenance of sprinkler, irrigation, and other related technologies in the San Antonio area. Our core value proposition is providing innovative sprinkler and irrigation solutions that deliver on every promise of reliability, quality, and top-notch performance.

Our team is comprised of an enviable crop of San Antonio’s finest technicians and engineers. Grilled in the detailed art of installation and repair and well accustomed to the architecture of both modern-day and contemporary sprinkler technologies, our team members are seasoned professionals with all the skills, expertise and experience required to execute any sprinkler or irrigation system installation project. On the job, we are detailed and committed to fulfilling the needs of our customers, and it is this dedication to consumer satisfaction that has earned us industry renown for service excellence.

Beyond just installing and maintaining sprinkler systems of San Antonio, our company is focused on developing novel sprinkler and irrigation solutions that continue to trail-blaze the industry. Our service delivery model emphasizes innovation and a detail-oriented work ethic, all geared towards facilitating the deployment of sprinkler and irrigation systems that work perfectly upon first installation.


Tips for sprinkler and irrigation systems
Tips for lawn maintenance
Tips for sprinkler and irrigation systems

Already have a sprinkler and irrigation system installed on your property? If so, here some tips to make sure you keep getting the best out of it.

  • Routine checks are a necessity – always ensure that sprinkler heads are unclogged and pointed towards the vegetation they are supposed to water.
  • Inspect your backflow connection – for users of automatic sprinkler systems, a yearly check of your backflow connection is mandated by law.
  • Protect your equipment – put your garden hoses away from the harsh effects of the elements and make sure to disconnect them from water faucets when you’re done. Sprinkler system components do not come cheap; a good maintenance culture will save you from spending unnecessarily on replacement items.
  • Prevent overflow by keeping your gutters clean – do this by regularly removing debris from downspouts and gutter channels.
Tips for lawn maintenance

A lush well-groomed lawn can provide all the added greenery and flair to make your property stand out. If you’re serious about lawn maintenance here are some lawn care tips to get you started:

  • Prevent compaction:
  • Compacted grass does not grow well. Left in that state, it’s the ultimate recipe for lawn patches and mud baths. A pitchfork is all you need to relieve compaction on your lawn; just push one about 4 inches into the soil around the compacted area and slowly rock the handle of your pitchfork.
  • Weed regularly:
  • If you wait for too long to begin weeding, chances are high that weeds will overrun your lawn. Make it a habit to weed periodically and stick to a defined weeding routine.
  • Your lawn needs water:
  • Always thoroughly water your lawn; plants require a good supply of water if they’re ever going to grow into the lush green vegetation you envision them to be.